sábado, 13 de septiembre de 2008


Teclado Proteus MS plus orchestral
con estuche rigido (USA)
sonidos del prestigioso emulator.

$ 2290

Modulo Sampler Roland S 330
enorme libreria original, manuales
excelente estado!!
$ 990

The S-330 is housed in a compact, although rather deep, one rack space chassis. A two line thirty two character backlit LCD is provided for loading sounds and for small tweaks at gigs. The unit has one megabyte of RAM, divided into two banks, and writes to standard low density 3 1/2 disks. Supported sampling rates are 15kHz and 30kHz, and while the AD and DA converters are 16 bit, samples are stored as 12 bit words. Dynamic voice allocation is available, as are modes reserving polyphony for each of the eight parts. Eight polyphonic outputs are provided, which are infinitely better than the monophonic outputs on samplers of the same era. Interestingly, the front panel volume knob is really an encoder, and controls the volumes of all eight outputs in the digital domain. A nice grungy digital resonant filter is available, and more intensive filtering can be done destructively at the sample level. The S-330 also has chorusing and flanging effects available, but at the expense of halving polyphony. Editing on the S-330 is impossible without an external monitor, for which Roland provided both RGB and NTSC composite connections.

Piano Korg DP 2000 C
76 notas con peso
ideal como controlador,
excelente sonidos de piano electrico ,clavinet ,vibes etc.
Midi In-Out-Thru ports.
Slot para tarjeta de sonidos.
Pedal de sustain.
Atril original, manuales.
Equipado con amplificador y parlantes propios ( de KORG!)
podés conectar otro instrumento a este sistema por Amp in
Excelente estado



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